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From their base in Gujarat, Realtouch Understands the challenge designers, architects, manufacturers and contractors face when specifying a high pressure laminate. If we consider the history of recent past , the past quarter century , they leap to the extraordinary transformation that have changed the way we live , produce and thinking , in india and around the world. Realtouch grew up in the scenario in rapid and continuous change, developing gradually , revealing ability to anticipate change and achieve the objectives.

Founded 1998, the Realtouch is a “case history” in the field of interior decorative for the home and office , exemplary,even in the context of entrepreneurship, although it did have leading industrial models. Indeed, it is the story of a company that shares from a size and a craft mentality in the second half of the nineties,through the foresight of the choice made by the property, it is deeply transformed , growing up to become one of thelargest industrial groups in the difficult market of furniture by changing the concept of interior decoration it a truecenter design and services for the home interior for the home and office, with the production of decorative product intimes absolutely certain. One of the Objectives have been achieved , we can say , the most important is the optimizationof the interior product of decoration , allowing you to achieve the most balanced quality and service ratio.

Whether your project calls for a high-quality decorative laminate for residential use or a specialty surface that can
withstand the extremes of a commercial environment, Real Touch has the solution you need.Specialty laminates from Realtouch offer some of the finest products available today. These include items that provide structural srability, color through surfaces, fire rated surfaces and electrostatic discharge protection.And, because they are manufactured by Real Touch, you can be confident of their quality, integrity and performance for many years to come.

We provide the best of us, features are as below:

Stabdard: ISO 9001:2008

Stabdard: ISO 9001:2008 certified

processes for quality assurance

of International standard


High pressure Decorative

Laminated Sheets

Size: 2440 mm X 1220 mm

Thickness : 1.0 mm and 1.5 mm


To surface wear immersion in boiling water. Dry heat, impact by small diameter ball, cigarette, staining
scratches, color change in xenon light.


Finish : Gloss, sued, matt, emboss

heat, lmpact by small diameter ball, cigarette buma, staining
scratches, color change in xenon light.


Clean with mild soap solution or house hold detergent, adhesive should not be used, avoid direct sunlight and heat.


These include items that provide structural srability, color-through surfaces, fire rated surfaces and electrostatic discharge protection.


Real Touch is fully inspected for all defects before using or applying.Company’s responsibility is
limited to it’s product only.


Sample posted here in represents only color and finish may not be of actual thickness, please keep away laminates
from direct sunlight.