“Real Touch – A Simple Matter of Status, The Luxury Laminates Manufacturer “

If we consider the history of recent past , the past quarter century , they leap to the extraordinary transformation that have changed the way we live , produce and thinking , in india and around the world. Realtouch grew up in the scenario in rapid and continuous change, developing gradually , revealing ability to anticipate change and achieve the objectives.Founded 1998, the Realtouch is a “case history” in the field of interior decorative for the home and office , exemplary,even in the context of entrepreneurship, although it did have leading industrial models.

Indeed, it is the story of a company that shares from a size and a craft mentality in the second half of the nineties,through the foresight of the choice made by the property, it is deeply transformed , growing up to become one of thelargest industrial groups in the difficult market of furniture by changing the concept of interior decoration it a truecenter design and services for the home interior for the home and office, with the production of decorative product intimes absolutely certain. One of the Objectives have been achieved , we can say , the most important is the optimizationof the interior product of decoration , allowing you to achieve the most balanced quality and service ratio.