In What We Believe

The objective of the people at Realtouch is researching , experimenting , and proposing new solutions that create added value to companies , designers , “performers”, architects , furniture manufactures , and anyone that uses HPL to  passionate, create new Design stories. Realtouch is always been best in quality from many years and improve it with era.


Because passion is a key ingredient in the creative process. Realtouch strives consistently to pursue concrete and
tangible quality , in all types of HPL applications , presents or future. Realtouch wants its clients and partners to know
the company for what it is : a team of professionals , but people too. This is for them the greatest possible guarantee.


Because innovation is a social process which cannot be carried out alone. Goals can only be achieved through teamwork with
a consistent effort to promote and facilitate synergies , co-planning and exchanges at all levels. This must be done
within in a network and co-designing environment which is always open to new partnerships, internal and externals.


There is no design without innovation. The delicate balance between aesthetic values and performance , emotions and technical abilities , simplicity and creativity is always a step ahead in the future. This step can only be traveled alongside with our partners and clients , through sharing , cooperating and co designing in a multi disciplinary dimension.